Pressure Washing Techniques and Equipment
Sometimes it is not easy to remove the stains from services like stains on your sidewalks, oil spots and graffiti removal. There are professional pressure and power washing services providers available who use state-of-the-art equipment for faster cleaning . They use vehicle carrying hot water which can clean at temperature above 200°C if necessary.

Common Pressure Washing Situations

Professional power washing is required for doing many cleaning tasks which cannot be done very well using household cleaning materials. The areas may include buildings, walls, parking areas with oil spots, heavy equipment which requires cleaning. People prefer the method of pressure washing for removing highly polluted areas such as fuel emission remains on different structures. Pressure washing companies use materials for removing stains are lime, minerals, hard water deposits and other chemicals for big and hard stain removals. Garages where you repair your car, areas where there are grease and oil stains in the garage or driveway and places where there is graffiti, all such places can be cleaned using power washing.

Why Prefer Pressure Washing from Professionals

You may spend hours cleaning hard stains from your house like oil spot, graffiti, driveway, deck and roof and may end-up spending a lot but all in vain. Let the professionals do it better and cost-effectively. Professionals have the right material, equipment and experienced staff for all kinds of stains and oil spots. So power washing in an effective cleaning alternative that may save you time and money as compared with DIY labor-intensive methods you use. Remember that power washing means a lot of pressure require to spray water at the stains and if you do it yourself or if you hire and inexperienced amateur, he may use inappropriate pressure resulting in damage to your assets. In some cases like cleaning delicate parts such as windows or siding will require a more skilled professional. So hiring professional pressure washing companies for such delicate cleaning makes a lot of sense.

Power washing Techniques

Usually heated water is used with enormous amount of pressure. It sometimes can be 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. Companies use special stain removals chemicals and solvents in the water. Other methods used are:

  • Soda blasting. This is environment friendly and safe to perform around food equipment. Sandblasting is intended for jobs that require some stripping and abrasion.
  • Dry ice blasting throws dry ice pellets at the stains.

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